About Us

Morells was created for women of Afro/textured hair types.

Many women have at one point in their lives had a negative experience in a salon. Unfortunately for women of color, this can be a typical experience and it has deterred them from ever visiting a salon forcing many to maintain their hair at home. We at Morells understand this and want to make a difference by creating a safe place for women to get advice, support, and education about their own hair needs.

All our services are tailor-made to each individual client. Hair care is our number one priority. At Morells we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and client care. Morells invites all new clients to have a personalized consultation. This visit provides an opportunity to discuss hair goals, current/past hair difficulties and treatment prices. Best suited to tailor to each individuals hair journey.

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Morells, 10 Brockley Cross, London SE4 1BE

Thursday – Saturday (10am – 6pm) / Sunday – (11am – 5pm)