Morells Guide to Afro Hair

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Written by hair carer and salon owner Sabrina Murrell, Morells Guide to Afro Hair Care speaks on hair truths that sometimes aren’t always touched on, giving the reader professional insight from a hair carers perspective. This book will provide you with a detailed explanation of the difference between hairdressers and hair carers.
  • Changing the way you use your products
  • How you view and book your next service at a salon
  • How to interact with your hairstylist/ hair carer

Whilst shedding light on protective styles and how they can create more problems in the future, why is it so important to treat and care for your actual hair, edges, and scalp. Sabrina has used this guide to empower the clients understanding of what genuine hair care is. With chapters like;

  • YouTube videos can’t care for your hair,
  • Relaxers are not hair care,
  • Natural hair needs care too.

Morells Guide to Afro hair Care touches on all the relevant issues women of colour face regularly. This advice gives you all the tools and inside knowledge of what is best for your own hair needs.


6 reviews for Morells Guide to Afro Hair

  1. Cornelia Nutsugah (verified owner)

    Sabrina’s book is straight to the point, an easy read full of information. She touches topics that usually people shy away from mark of a GROWN woman. Keep shining love. Looking forward to getting my hair done Cornelia xx

  2. Doreen Woodburne

    Sabrina has an investment in her customer’s hair. She makes her customer feel, that they can take control of their hair with educational and information. X

  3. Mrs. Reed

    Excellent!!! Very useful information. Knowledge is power.

  4. Genell Perkins (verified owner)

    I loved it , this guide talks about real life hair issues with advice on how to do it the right way.
    Overall great read.

  5. Camille (verified owner)

    Love the book! Short to the point FACTS!!!
    Sabrina is such a beautiful soul, always smiling, you go in with rough hair come out with gawjus hair. The passion for caring hair is so beautiful!
    Your amazing x

    Camille x

  6. Teena

    This little book is great, fantastic tips. Whether we liked it or not, most of us have had to do our own hair due to the lockdowns. I wish I had found this book at the beginning of lockdown. It has everything you need to know about our beautiful versatile hair. One thing that stood out for me that was very real was page 44. I had not relaxed my hair since February 2020 (just before lockdown) and felt proud managing it throughout lockdown without a relaxer. December 2020 I had my first appointment at a new hair salon. During the consultation, I explained the above to the hairdresser and she said,’ you just need to relax your hair; you know relaxers can be healthy’. I was disappointed to hear this, I had gone 10 months without a relaxer and this was a big deal to me being someone that had relaxed their hair for the past 20 years without a break. As page 44 states, if a salon suggests relaxing your natural hair, then leave. I had a wash, blow dry and left.
    You can’t go wrong for £2.50. I also need to find my way to Morrells, thank you.

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